Capricorn Zodiac Sign Personality And Traits

Capricorn (December 22nd – January 19th)

People born under this sign are natural climbers, just like the mountain goat who governs this sign. They are competitive and confident. Outwardly, they appear down-to-earth, quiet and even diminutive, but inside them resides a steely determination that is unwavering in its resolution to climb the social ladder. Capricorns hate mingling in the crowd but can be seen attending parties and social do’s just to make the right connections that will help him get on in the world.

A Capricorn only seems impulsive, in truth all the goats plan their actions meticulously and seldom remove their eyes from the prize. They are always calculating and predicting the result of their actions. They do not believe in expending energy, but in conserving it. They are economical in action, movement, spending habits and even talk. The Capricorn ideals are those people who have made their mark in the world and have shown new frontiers that can be conquered.


Never trash a Capricorn’s heron within earshot! Success is very important to them as they both respect and crave authority. They like to uphold or follow traditions – it gives them a sense of security which is very important to them. Capricorns will never be seen running in any race, but neither will they be seen sitting and resting for even a moment or two. They never rush, and even allow others to walk ahead of them, as they hate appearing rude or making unnecessary enemies.

And yet, when the scores are tallied, the Capricorn comes out at the top, defying all logic. The Key planet of Capricorn is Saturn, its colors are black, grey and earth tones, and the element is earth. The stone associated with Capricorn is blue sapphire. It rules the tenth house of the horoscope, which is the house of career and its corresponding tarot card is The Devil.

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