Capricorn Woman Personality And Traits

Capricorn woman The Capricorn woman is probably the most difficult to define and fit in a typical role. She can be seen carrying out various roles – housewives to dancing stars, professors to vendors. So then how to recognize a Capricorn woman? She will be the warm, flirty and feminine woman vying shyly for your attention or she can be the epitome of cool, sometimes downright icy in her disposition. She will be practical and sensible, capable of looking after herself till the right man comes along and makes her dream of having a secure, warm home complete.


For a Capricorn, it makes good practical sense to create a secure environment around them where they can relax. This is turn also makes them respect and admire authority and position. If you have authority and position, you have her attention. Her basic need is to create with a capable man a home and hearth that is comfortable, secure and cozy. The Capricorn woman too has the inherent need of the goat to climb. If pursuing a career, the goat woman will never be pushy or aggressive in the workplace, but will doggedly and determinedly work towards reaching her special hill.

But she will leave it all behind for being a wife where she can run a good household, provided there is enough financial security provided by the husband and she has the opportunity to climb the social ladder. She finds that the view from the top is the one that is the best! Saturn rules a Capricorn woman aims and desires. The Capricorn woman is more prone to pessimism, black mood swings than any other sun sign. She lapses into her brooding gloom if she feel she is being unappreciated. Praise her and recognize her importance in your life, and this goat girl will show you just fulfilling it is to be her center of the Universe.

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