Capricorn Man Personality And Traits

Capricorn Man Capricorn men are quiet, but confident. They tend to blend into the crowd, and do not stand out like, say, a Leo, but that does not mean that they do not have the ambition. A Well balanced Capricorn is indeed someone to be admired – practical, resourceful and someone with an iron will. Watching him execute his long-term plans for gaining the social position he craves, is like watching a master paint his masterpiece.

There is a touch of melancholy around the Capricorn man. After all, Saturn has to show its influence somewhere, right? He is the serious, brooding type, with gentle voice and soothing temperament. These traits only mask the steely resolve that is hard-wired into all Capricorns. It is impossible to distract a Capricorn from his path. If there was any man on this Earth who could look away from the juiciest of temptations, it will be the Capricorn man, provided he has his eye firmly fixed on his goals. Boring, huh? Well, yes and no.


It appears as if the Capricorn man is not interested in the lesser, or any, joys of life. But that is not true. A morose and gloomy goat is not a pretty sight. He loves to get compliments, feel carefree and dream his happy dreams. It is just that his inherent passion and his desire to be merry and joyful are not revealed to all. As the Capricorn man ages, like a fine wine he mature, and to his loved ones delight, relaxes quite a bit.

The Saturnine influence makes him respect and even idolize his elders. Thus as he grows old, he become more comfortable in his skin and less serious. But remember, as he grows older he will also be less content, as the next generation will make him a little bewildered. Many older Capricorns can be seen clicking their tongues and shaking their heads when talking about ‘today’s generation’.

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